Geo Allen Guns down Equity

Geoge Allen, one of my (with reservations) senators in the sometimes august legistlative group called the US Senate, has proposed that people who have a license to carry a concealed weapon in one US state should have that license honored in another state (google search). I like this idea in some ways, and I dislike it in others.

What’s good about it? I like the equity. There is a lot of sense to one US state honoring other state’s holdings. I think Mr. Allen should apply this same reasoning to “marriage.” If one state declares people as married, other states should honor that declaration. I doubt Mr. Allen would support this, though.

What’s bad about his recommendation about letting folks carry weapons? Well, my reservations about weapons describes my concerns. As my Uncle Bill suggested, weapons are made to kill. If you don’t want to kill, skip weapons. So, I don’t want to see folks carry weapons. In fact, one of the reasons I feel safer in airports is that there are likely fewer weapons on the other side of the security barriers.

There was, even, a law proposed in Virginia in the 80s that would have banned possessing a weapon in a bar. What was Mr. Allen’s positon on that bill, I wonder? I’d’ve been happy to hang in bars at that time—for multiple reasons.

Mr. Allen, I think you’ve got it wrong. Drop your guns and let folks get married. Make love, not war. I’ll call to remind you.


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