Let’s talk

How about this: On Wed 7 Jun 2006, the folks over at Open Iraq Debate and Win Without War hope that loyal and right-thinking Americans will call their congressional representatives and urge them to support HR 543, a bill that requires an immediate debate in the US House of Representatives on the US military action in Iraq. It sounds like a good idea to me.

Of course, I suspect that there’s at least a little election positioning going on here. If a representative does not vote for this bill, I suspect she or he will hear about it from an opponent next fall: “Representative X voted against having a free and open debate about the Iraq war. Can you believe that?”

Virtual flash of the electrons to Pam Austin of ::uncomfortably numb::, who’s post led me to this.


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  1. thanks John for the mention in your post! sometimes, it’s hard to believe anyone pays attention to anything i blog about. so, it’s really cool that you found useful information for your blog through me.

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