World Cup News

World Cup football (soccer) scores are making news. Players are scoring (“Gooooooooooooo…alllllllllllllllllll”). Lots of countries are playing (GER, POL, ENG, PAR, ARG, NED, MEX, ITA, USA, BRA, CRO, SUI, FRA, ESP, UKR, KOR, CZE, AUS, SWE, ETC.). And there’s even some scientific knowledge. Ahem.

Mini-AIR has news about some research on the World Cup. Here’s an extended quote.

The World Cup produces heart-pounding scientific news, as well as a few soccer games. Thanks to numerous investigators — especially Reto Schneider of — for alerting us to many of the following studies.

WORLD CUP URTICARIA “World Cup Urticaria,” P. Merry, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, vol. 80, no. 12, December 1987, p. 779.
Dr. Merry explains that “This is the first reported case of an urticarial rash apparently caused by the frustration of watching England play football.”
See further detail about this and related studies at

SCORE SCARIFICATION “Score-Celebration Injuries Among Soccer Players: A Report of 9 Cases,” B. Zeren and H.H. Oztekin, American Journal of Sports Medicine, August 2005, vol. 33, no. 8, pp. 1237-40.

BRAZILIAN PSYCH “The Psychological Profile of The Brazilian Soccer Players as Related to Field Position,” M.R.F Brand‹o and D.R. Andrade, in the 44th American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, 1997, Denver. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Supplement, 1997. v. 29. p. 120-120.
The authors reveal that “…the attacking player presented higher level of the vigor factor [than the goalkeeper].”

INNER ULTRA COMPLEXIFICATION “Inside the Beautiful Game: Towards a Merleau-Pontian Phenomenology of Soccer Play, John Hughson and David Inglis, Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, vol. 29, no. 1, April 2002.

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