Drop everything and blog

While updating an antique Web page, I found a link to Chuck Shepard’s blog News of the Weird (or “Newza da Weird,” as it appears on the banner). Having enjoyed NotW for many years, beginning with print verisons, finding this blog was a source of good fun. It was a drop-everything-and-blog (deab, to play with a well-intentioned but ill-conceived idea for promoting reading—”drop everything and read”) moment. On his Web site, in typical fashion, Mr. Shepard explains why he doesn’t refer to it as a blog (which is fine by me; I understand):

I’ve also started an, oh, a Supplemental Communication Tool, at http://NewsoftheWeird.blogspot.com, to reach fans of News of the Weird several times a week with notes on some of the stories (including errors); news and comments about the, er, “weird news community”; tips on wild stories that I probably won’t be able to use in the column; previews of the best stories I’ve seen in the previous week; etc. Remember, it’s a Supplemental Communication Tool. (If I called it a b**g, most of you are too sensible even to look at it.) (Really: My SCT contains not nearly enough fatuous opinions to qualify as a b**g.)


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