Lennon documents freed

In an article entitled “FBI to release last of its John Lennon files” in the Los Angeles Times, Henry Weinstein reported the story of how the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation withheld documents about Lennon for what sound like almost laughably bogus reasons.

The FBI agreed Tuesday to make public the final 10 documents about the surveillance of John Lennon that it had withheld for 25 years from a UC Irvine historian on the grounds that releasing them could cause “military retaliation against the United States.”

Who might retaliate? Why Great Britain, of course!

Thanks to Jon Weiner for keeping after this issue since the 1980s. It’s great to have someone stand up for civil rights and free speech. It’s also important to expose the rationale that the government uses to withhold information from the the public (i.e., its boss).

Mr. Weinstein reported that the documents are slated to be posted 20 December on http://www.LennonFBIfiles.com.

Update: This has turned out to be a pretty hot story; as of 6 AM EST 21 Dec. Google shows 463 new entries about it.


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