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I guess some would say I am a bit of news junky. I read headlines from several newspapers a day, scan Google News, and listen to radio news (no TV reception here). I have newsreaders, e-mail alerts, and other sources coursing past my eyes frequently every day. And the quantity of news and information that confronts me these days makes it difficult to stay current. (I know: I brought it on myself.)

How can I sort it? What should I trust? I’m pretty intrigued by It appears different in important and valuable ways from other systems for identifying and evaluating news items.

In recent years, the consolidation of mainstream media, combined with the rise of opinion news and the explosion of new media outlets, have created a serious problem for democracy: many people feel they can no longer trust the news media to deliver the information they need as citizens.

To address this critical issue, NewsTrust is developing an online news rating service to help people identify quality journalism – or “news you can trust.” Our members rate the news online, based on journalistic quality, not just popularity. Our beta website and news feed feature the best and the worst news of the day, picked from hundreds of alternative and mainstream news sources.

I’m going to watch it.


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