More Goode

The hubbub continues: In an entry on his blog, Lawrence Lessig noted that, according to a Forbes magazine article, there are new twists in the story of Keith Ellison. Mr. Ellison, who is the first Muslim elected to US Congress and who intends to swear the ceremonial (not the official) oath of office while placing his hand on the Quran (“Koran”), will use a Quran originally own by Thomas Jefferson.

Virgil Goode, the representative from my Congressional District, objected to the use of this religious book for the purpose. As I noted a couple of posts ago (see Saddening, December 22nd, 2006), Mr. Goode’s objection flew in the face of Virginia history and provisions of the US Constitution. Mr. Lessig, who knows way more about these matters than I, pointed out the problems in Mr. Goode’s position.

I’m sorry I hadn’t read Mr. Lessig’s post before I wrote my earlier comments. I would have felt even bolder…and I’ve been capable of making more firmly grounded comments.


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