Puppies found

Last week as I drove home late at night (actually early in the morning), on a narrow country road about a half mile from my house, my truck was suddenly surrounded by six puppies. I stopped my truck and put on flashers, fearing it would be hit by other traffic.

I couldn’t see all the puppies and didn’t want to run over one of them. Moving very slowly, I pulled onto the left shoulder. There was no need to be concerned about traffic, of course, as the road is only lightly traveled even at peak times. As I got out of my truck, these puppies came right up to me. I managed to get the puppies into the cab of my truck and drove them home. Pat helped me set up a cage for them.

The next morning we got to see them in the light. Pat got some food from neighbor Kelly and the pups ate ravenously. They were pretty clearly hounds. A couple of them howled. Once fed (and allowed to relieve themselves), we loaded the cage into my truck and I drove them to the local SPCA.

I was irritated that someone would abandon these animals. I am leaping to the conclusion that they were abandoned, of course, but it seems likely. It’s definitely been known to happen. It’s not nice.



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4 responses to “Puppies found

  1. They look like Beagles. If they are they might not get much bigger than they are already. I would’ve tried to get them to a breed specific rescue group. Unless the shelter’s no kill. But that’s just me. Hopefully they’ll all find good homes before they grow out of their cute puppy stage (or are put down as surplus).

  2. Yes, we wondered whether they were Beagles, too. However, the paws were quite large. Are Beagles noted for large paws?

    The CASPCA has a no-kill policy. Pat’s volunteered there; she fostered dozens of (usually feral) kittens, raising them until they were large enough for adoption.

    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  3. I had Beagles as a kid. Family pets. Which is why I thought beagle. I don’t know how much large paws translates into large animal. I’ve seen a few animals with big feet as puppies/kittens that didn’t necessarily translate into big dog. A Basset hound has rather large feet compared to it’s stature.

    In any event for the fun here’s a link to the AKC hound section– I see at least two other breeds that they might possibly fit other than beagle: Harrier, and English Foxhound. Although both of those have more white.

    Glad to hear that CASPCA has finally gone no-kill.

  4. Thanks for the link to the AKC site. Very nice.

    From friends who work at shelters, I understand that puppies are pretty easy to place. Also, apparently there is high demand for puppies in other areas of the US, so puppies are even shipped from VA to (say) states in the northeast where they are quickly adopted.

    I suppose that I’ll have to stop at the CASPCA and check on these little hound dogs.

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