What’s to come

//media.gallup.com/POLL/Releases/pr070112i.gifSome friends would say that I’m pessimistic by nature. That may be, though I’d have to disagree. I don’t think I’d qualify as a pollyanna (pollyadam? pollyandy?), but I generally expect that things will come out O.K. To be sure, I think we can nudge things along a bit, that we’re not pre-ordained to misery or happiness, and I hope that my nudges are in a humane, positive, helpful form. But I’d have to agree with responses to poll questions shown in the graphic.

I’m not sanguine about the current international situation. The recent poll of US sentiment by the Gallup organization, summarized on this page, reinforces my reservations. I fear that our recent foreign policies have so befouled the atmosphere that we will require several presidencies to regain standing among friendly and not-so-friendly countries.

Here are my views, had I been asked the questions.

JohnL’s View of the Likelihood That Each of the Following Will Occur in 2007
13 Jan 2007


Very likely

Somewhat likely

Not too likely

Not likely at all


Congress will raise the minimum wage


      But it might get a veto.

The U.S. economy will improve



  The war’s running it into the ground.

Bush and the Democrats in Congress will work more closely together



    Blind optimism on my part.

Congress will pass tough new ethics rules



    Will they really be “tough,” though?

The U.S. will begin to withdraw troops from Iraq




Political stability around the world will improve



Not with our current foreign policies.

Violence in Iraq will be significantly reduced



I doubt it will be reduced at all.

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