Snap’s up

I’ve installed the new little Snap feature, Snap Preview Anywhere, on multiple sites. It’s a snap to install. The wonderful WordPress folks have made Snap live for all the blogs, which has got to be a major coup for Snap.

I hope that there’s no conflict with the organization composed of those who have banded together because they were abused by priests. Nor with a certain tool company. Nor with the Special Needs Advocay for Parents, a not-for-profit that’s just about 30 min (on a Sunday morning with no accidents) across the LA basin from the head quarters. There’s also the Supernova/Acceleration Probe satellite observatory.

  • I never really learned the intricacies of a football snap.
  • I like snap beans.
  • You can think it’s nap time?
  • I hope I can snap back from this.
  • It doesn’t appear to snap and twigs or bands.
  • I do like dialog that has a good snap to it.
  • Neural s’naps ez?

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