G. McGovern’s questions for G. W. Bush

George McGovern—yes, that one—spoke at the National Press Club recently and his remarks were published in The Nation. In the current US climate of marketing, his talk was probably part of a sales campaign for a book entitled Out of Iraq: A Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now that Mr. McGovern wrote with William Polk. But the talk is the topic here. This is Mr. McGovern’s lead:

I’m glad to be back at the National Press Club. Indeed, at the age of eighty-four, I’m glad to be anywhere. In my younger years when the subject of aging came up, trying to sound worldly wise, I would say, “It doesn’t matter so much the number of years you have, but what you do with those years.” I don’t say that anymore. I now want to reach a hundred. Why? Because I thoroughly enjoy life and there are so many things I must still do before entering the mystery beyond. The most urgent of these is to get American soldiers out of the Iraqi hellhole Bush-Cheney and their neoconservative theorists have created in what was once called the cradle of civilization.

I don’t remember ever agreeing with everything Mr. McGovern said or wrote, but I find some of his comments in this talk pretty compelling. Link and a flash of the electrons to Waldo Jacquith for alerting me to it.

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One response to “G. McGovern’s questions for G. W. Bush

  1. Oz

    We need more public figures like McGovern speaking out against this war. Senator Chuck Hagel is now strongly speaking out against the war. While I probably won’t agree with him on a few issues, I will agree that the definition of conservative in the Republican party has warped in recent years.

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