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John at has a wonderful photo of a scene in Cork (UK).



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  1. mydigest

    In regard to the text accompanying the link: “…has a wonderful photo of a scene in Cork (UK)” I beg to say that Cork is a city in the nation state known as Eire or the Republic of Ireland (comprising 26 counties) not the UK. Only the 6 counties northernmost in the island of Ireland are at present part of UK, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland.

    Great Britain (Grande Bretagne) is the island comprising England, Scotland, and Wales (Cwmru pronounced kum-ri). Some Cornish claim Cornwall (Kernow) as a nation too. It has the status of a county of England at present. Some (very few) northern English would like to break away and form a nation called Northumbria.

    I shudder to think what abuses might have happened in times past inside the Christian Brothers building in the picture. Nowhere in the theist continuum can the fascistic, sadistic, hypocritical nature of organised priesthoods have been worse than in the Papish places where poor boys were sucked in to provide fun for filth.

    I was told by an Irishman that the speech style in Cork is very fast and precise, as in Newfoundland, Canada. Whereas the accent in Dublin in slower and rougher.

    Now that the Church of Rome has been forced by enlightened public opinion, a social function given power by the secular society which the Judaeo-Protestent-Humanist culture enabled, it would be viable for the 6-26 to become the united 32 counties, without the Protestents of the north being deprived of rights.

    Prior to this victory over Papal tyranny, it was unthinkable to force the north to merge with the south. In EU, the issue hardly matters, except that a guaranteed happy Ireland would give a better life to the people in the Six Counties. Many economic advantages would seem to be promised by re-unification if, and ONLY if, PEACEFUL.

    It is certainly a perfect photograph. Is it a fault in my brain that it triggers the whole sectarian war issue for musing upon, or a virtue? Please delete any part, or the whole, of this if it causes offence. Cy Quick at

  2. mydigest

    Cork is also the name of a county, of course, named County Cork. Cy

  3. Oh, mydigest, thank you for the correction. I understand as best a Yank with a Welsh name can (though some of my forebears left the UK…errr, GB ~400 years ago), that I mistook the political divides. Sorry.

    I still find the photo attractive.

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