What? Please explain.

Why should this citizen be held in jail? Josh Wolf shot some video and then refused to give it to others. Here’s a version from the Los Angeles Times:

Freelance videographer Josh Wolf in July defied a federal grand jury’s order to hand over raw footage of anarchists clashing with police in San Francisco.

He said he was protected by the 1st Amendment. A federal judge said he was in contempt of court.

On Aug. 1, the 24-year-old blogger reported to the federal detention facility in Dublin, Calif. and has been there ever since — except for a brief period in September. As of Tuesday, he had been incarcerated longer than any journalist in modern U.S. history.

Should people be compelled to testify against others? If I read the stories about this correctly, I fear I might be required to do so. Newer technologies (e.g., video) are the issue here. On the internet, there are many resources about this incident; here are a few:


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