Gay in the NBA

John Amaechi, a former player in the National Basketball Association, has admitted to being gay in his new book Man in the Middle. The story broke a few days ago and is now widely discussed (see Google news listing of coverage). Michael Wilbon, a columnist for the Washington Post, has some excellent observations under the title “Sexuality Disclosed, Ignorance Exposed.”



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2 responses to “Gay in the NBA

  1. missprofe

    My father wonders why JA even said anything. According to Dad, everything was going well for JA. Why did he have to come out NOW?

    Well, I am not exactly clear re: JA’s reasons for coming out when he did. Altough I mantain he had a right to. However, there is a LOT of homophobia in the Black community, which would explain the reactions of many players in the NBA. No real answers as to how we deal with this, however.

  2. Although it has provided the opportunity for some folks to show their prejudices, at least Mr. Amaechi’s coming out has given other NBA people a chance to say some sensible things.

    * Commissioner David Stern has been widely quoted as saying, “We have a very diverse league. The question at the NBA is always, ‘Have you got game.’ That’s it, end of inquiry.” [source]

    * And Mr. Amaechi’s former coach, Doc Rivers said, “No, I didn’t know. I think people talked about it, obviously. Everyone thought, `Maybe.’ I couldn’t care less, though. It was brought up to me … and you look at it and say, `So what? Can he rebound? Can he shoot? Can he defend?’ On that one, I said no on the defensive part, but everything else he was great.” [source]

    The story definitely has legs now. It’s jumping, running…. Google News shows > 2000 entries for a search for “nba+gay+amaechi.”

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