God helps those

I do not flaunt my disbelief often, but this story made me feel a little justified. Under the clever headline, “Miracle Channel told to repent, on pain of losing licence,” Grant Robertson of the Toronto Globe and Mail reported about requirements that are designed to prevent “The Miracle Channel” (a religious television station) from soliciting donations by making preposterous claims about what will happen to donors if they do or do not give.

The cable channel, which raises more than $5-million a year, was ordered to revise its internal fundraising policy last year after controversial on-air statements led to complaints. Hosts during a 2004 fundraising campaign urged viewers to cash in their retirement savings and charge up credit cards to make donations. In some cases, viewers were told they would be rewarded by God with cash or higher real estate values.

Whew! Do you think people actually gave $$ to the Miracle Channel on the basis of those pitches? Apparently so….

Here’s a link to Mr. Robertson’s story. Other coverage: “No windfall profits from God” by Etan Vlessing and “Miracle Channel’s expansion questioned” by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


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