A poem a day

A poem a day may not keep anyone away, but it might keep self-absorption at bay.

When I was younger, which (of course) was just yesterday, I read many poems and wrote a few. I never wrote one that was as good as any I read, so I abandoned the writing. I still read a few now and again.

One nifty place to go is “Poetry 180.” It’s hosted by Billy Collins and aimed at high schools.

I want to acquaint you with a new program for making poetry an active part of the daily experience of American high school students. The program is called Poetry 180 and offers a poem for every day of the approximately 180-day school year. But there is another reason I chose that name.

Another of the sources is a site called “Poetry Daily.” Though I’d rather have more words about poems than poetry and poets, I’ll let my reservations lie quiet and still on the use of “poetry” in this case. It’s a title I like, because it explains the site.

Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry which each day brings you a new poem from books, magazines and journals currently in print. Poems are chosen from the work of a wide variety of poets published in the English language. Our most eminent poets are represented in the selections, but also poets who are less well known.

I like poems. I have to remember to frequent these sites.



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3 responses to “A poem a day

  1. cimmaronsong

    Thanks for letting us know about these sites!
    (And thanks for your comment which reminded me to check your blog :)

  2. testing weblink (I think I might have fixed it!)

  3. Yes! That second one seems fine.

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