FFRFI’m adding a blogroll entry for the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The FFRF is involved in a case before the US Supreme Court, argued 28 February 2007, about whether the US government can establish an office to promote religion. Yes, we do have one…that would be the White House Office for Faith-Based Initiatives. You can find out more about the FFRF by clicking the image at the right.



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5 responses to “FFRF

  1. I wonder how many Islamic Mosques have received assistance from the “White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives” for their charitable projects?

  2. Good question. Groups comissioned by the WH have expressed a lot of concern about disproportional representation in other areas (e.g., special education). Are the same standards being applied by the WH in granting funds for faith-based initiatives? Do Christians (divide that a lot of ways) get proportionally equal funds as Jews, Muslims, Hindis, Zoroastrians, Wiccans, and athetists (to name a few)?

  3. It would make for a good PBS P.O.V. documentary- following a group of three (the more controversial the better) non-Christian charity groups as they apply. Maybe find a Gay and Lesbian Christian outreach group, then a very conservative U.S. based Islamic Mosque type group, and a Wiccan group (that last one would probably have to be created just for the documentary).

    Of course if they all have no problems- then it would be a waste of money. Unless I’m misunderstanding that last sentence- As for Atheists they don’t qualify as a religion, at least that’s what I hear from the few Atheists that I know (and who are politically active- promoting atheism).

  4. I like the idea of an investigative report on faith-based initiatives by a some savvy journalist. I’ll take your point about atheism not being a religion, though it’d be fun to discuss the logic underlying differences between faith and not-faith.

  5. “It would be fun to discuss the logic underlying differences between faith and not-faith”

    Yeah, I think it would be a great discussion.

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