Bye-bye TV

Each year, TV Turn-off sponsors a campaign to have folks turn off their TVs for a week. It’s also a push for more reading. Great idea!

I wonder if schools could have contests allowing students to earn some special privilege or honor for participating. TV Turn-Off Week for 2007 will be 23-29 April.

There are others who promote this, too. In fact, there’s a wide range of resources available:

  • See what the folks at WhiteDot in the UK are saying and doing.
  • Slip over to Adbusters original contribution to TV-Turnoff: TV spots.
  • Surf through the many resources at Ron Kauffman’s TurnOffYourTV Web site (substitute some podcasts).
  • Learn why LimiTV hopes its arguments “will help you make an informed decision about media time and provide ideas about alternative activities.”

In my case, I guess this is sort of like a non-runner disclaiming about why running is so bad for me or the teetotler telling people not to drink. We have the machine, but we get no reception. (At least the last time I checked, maybe 15 yrs ago [it was the earthquake World Series], we didn’t get any stations well enough to view them; maybe I should climb up on the roof and install an antenae.)



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2 responses to “Bye-bye TV

  1. I think I’m part of that movement by default. Ever since I moved to Virginia the only channel I can get via rabbit ear antenna is Channel 29- which always causes me to have an instant impulse to turn off the TV. Especially during those times they’ve preempted non-repeat brand new prime time tv episodes for ACC basketball. :)

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