Skinner’s daughter rejects rumors

I happened upon an article that I hope many people will read. In it Deborah Skinner, daughter of B. F. and Yvonne (Eve) Skinner, rebuts many untruths about her up-bringing. Some folks would have us believe that Ms. Skinner

  • Was raised in an experimental laboratory chamber,
  • Went crazy,
  • Sued her father, and
  • Committed suicide.

Apparently fully alive, unless she’s expressing herself through some mystical means (teehee), Ms. Skinner provides a 1st-person refutation of these rumors. So, next time someone trots out one of these (or some other) untruths, point ’em to the article in the UK Guardian: “I was not a lab rat.”

A Google search for the terms “skinner box baby daughter” (sans quotes of course) returns a list of ~261K entries, some of which perpetuate the myths and some of which rebut them.


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One response to “Skinner’s daughter rejects rumors

  1. missprofe

    I read the story. Very enlightening, and delightful to read about Deborah Skinner. Thank you for the link.

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