On 14 March 1879 Albert Einstein was born. A couple of years ago many news media carried celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the year in which Mr. Einstein published four papers that have come to have profound effects on people’s understanding of the physics of the the universe. Not having formal preparation in physics, I only have a lay understanding of the influence of the ideas that he proposed. But, I have a good enough understanding of his views on other matters to admire his contributions to promotion of peace, resistance to racism, and support for more egalatarian economic systems.

Fun: According to Wikipedia, a famous photo of Mr. Einstein was taken on his birthday: “On Einstein’s 72nd birthday in 1951, UPI photographer Arthur Sasse was trying to persuade him to smile for the camera, but having smiled for photographers many times that day, Einstein stuck out his tongue instead.[48]”


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  1. missprofe

    Hmm. I always wondered about that particular photo. Thank you for providing the back story, JL.

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