4 yrs too long

Rally bannerMonday 19 March 2007 is the fourth anniversary of the US-led incursion into Iran. Besides opposing this action on the basis of my advocacy for non-violence, I see it as a social, political, and economic disaster. I’ve had more than enough of this. From the day it started, it’s been going on too long.

So, I plan to participate in a local event to raise awareness of the need to end the war. The rally will begin at 4 PM in front of Mr. Jefferson’s Rotunda at U.Va. If you’re in the neighborhood, join me.

Thanks to Hip Hop Caucus, which is on a nationwide tour as a part of this effort; Iraq Vets Against the War; Books not Bombs (National Youth and Student Peace Coalition); Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice (AKA the Charlottesville Peace Org.).



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