TJ Muzzles

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression published it’s Jefferson Muzzle Awards for 2007. This annual compilation of items that illustrate the restraint of free speech routinely tickles me. They find some doozies. Here’s a list of links to the vignettes. (One can, of course, simply go directly to the TJ Center’s page and browse them directly.) I think my favorite for this year is about the four kids who were expelled for making a video about teddy bears directed to kill a teacher (the bears’ attack is thwarted by students).

  1. The Bush Administration
  2. The National Collegiate Athletic Association
  3. The Charles A. Beard Memorial School Board of Knightstown, Indiana
  4. The Philadelphia (PA) Commission on Human Relations
  5. United States Department of Defense
  6. The Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement
  7. The Federal Communications Commission
  8. Watson Chapel (Arkansas) School District
  9. U. S. Representative Peter King (R., N.Y.)
  10. The City Council of East St. Louis, Illinois
  11. The Miami-Dade County (Florida) School Board
  12. The Administration of Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher
  13. Ben Davis High School (Indianapolis, IN), Princeton High School (Cincinnati, OH) and Wyoming Valley West High School (Kingston, PA)
  14. The Ohio General Assembly

What’s your favorite?


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