Impeach Cheney

Richard Cohen, whose columns appear regularly in the Washington Post, discussed the resolution introduced by US Representative Dennis Kucinich to impeach Vice President Richard Cheney. Mr. Kucinich’s chances of impeaching Mr. Cheney are slim, to be sure, but Mr. Cohen’s column is a worthwhile read. Here’s his lead:

The resolution offered by the gentleman from Ohio reads sensibly. It alleges crimes high and low, misdemeanors galore — all of them representing an effort to mislead the American people and take them into war. It is Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment directed at Dick Cheney. The vice president will, of course, deny being a liar. As long as Kucinich is at it, add that to the articles.

The congressman’s case is persuasive, although his remedy may be too radical. He calls for Cheney to be impeached by the House and tried by the Senate, just as Bill Clinton was for what turned out to be neither a high crime nor much of a misdemeanor. What was it, anyway, compared with more than 3,300 American dead?

Like Mr. Cohen, I’m pretty amazed that these politicians have gotten away with such egregious misrepresentations of reality, the lies they stuck by to get our country into an unneeded and unjust war. The impeachment movement will not likely succeed, but Americans should profess their concern about the current leadership; we need to put future leaders on notice that we will not tolerate such behavior and communicate to the rest of the world that what Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are doing does not correspond with our views. (And that’s not the only bad thing they’ve done.)

As I read Mr. Cohen’s column, I was reminded of a bumper sticker I saw: “Impeach Cheney First.”

Link to Mr. Cohen’s column. Link to the proposed articles of impeachment. There are many Web sites promoting, however optimistically, the campaign to impeach Mr. Cheney. Here’s a sampling:

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  1. Running late, but will most definitely check out the article. Thanks for the heads up!

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