More Secret

I feel a little more vindicated. Michael Schermer, who writes a monthly column called “Skeptic” for Scientific American, devoted his June 2007 space to a blitzing critique of The Secret, the book by Rhonda Byrne that I panned in early April. Mr. Schermer is far stronger in his rejection of the book (which apparently has a DVD associated with it now).

At the end, he calls on Oprah Winfrey to retract her endorsement of the book.

Oprah, please, withdraw your support of this risible twaddle—as you did when you discovered that James Frey’s memoir was a million little lies—and tell your vast following that prosperity comes from a good dollop of hard work and creative thinking, the way you did it.

Link to the preview version of the article (there’s a fee for non-subscribers to gaini access to the full-length piece).

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