School shootings

Some readers (if there is more than one of you) will know that I have interests in education. Others (the possible second reader) will know that one of the few “anti” positions I espouse is “anti-violence.” So, it should come as no surprise (to both of you) that I’m routinely depressed, immiserated, bummed, pissed, and etc. when I encounter a story such as the one that’s emerging today about a shooting in a school in a Toronto (ON, CA) school.

What in the world? The instances (you can make your own list—I am still miserable about the Va Tech events) of kids toting weapons in schools are too many. Stop the madness.

Why should I feel safer after I’ve passed an airport gate than I would in a school? If guaranteeing safety for our children means that we have to infringe on a small group’s interests in shooting automatic weapons at targets, I think that’s a reasonable trade-off. Let’s stop the madness.

It isn’t, of course, simple. We can’t just ban guns. There’s bullying. There’s punitive discipline. There’s disrespectful talk. There’s biting comments made to our friends about others. There’s plenty of things. But each of us can stop some of them in our own personal lives.

Let’s stop the madness.

What actions can we take to stop this madness?


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