Local civil rights

I came upon a blog entitled Charlottesville Prejudice Watch that piqued my interest because it sits at the junction of two concepts I track: civil rights and disabilities. Even the semi-comatose reader of my notes here is likely aware of my professional activities (e.g., EBD Blog, a source for news and information about Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, especially as they affect children and youths and their families; see other professional connections in the list of “other sites” in the blogroll) and has caught the drift that I consider ensuring civil rights and liberties to be important goals. So it should come as only a small surprise that a site discussing civil rights and disability (i.e., Charlottesville Prejudice Watch) caught my eye.

Here is a snip from the first entry (10 May 2006) by Hymes, the blogger at Charlottesville Prejudice Watch:

Because it’s time I shared my observations and experiences of prejudice in the Charlottesville area beyond my family and friends, who are, while long suffering, probably sick of hearing my rants. I will post about instances of prejudice and discrimination against people with disabilities of all kinds as well as about racist acts and comments I see or hear about in our “community”.

Link to Charlottesville Prejudice Watch. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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