Rich Man’s War

I’ve been working on learning this song. Steve Earle gets credit for the insight and courage to explain things like this to folks. After the “more” break, there are two video versions of it. The intro for the first one has nods to Cyndy Sheehan and Joan Baez. The intro for the second one talks about Mr. Earle’s sons.

This one was probably made with a tiny camera (cell phone) from a near-front-row seat at a concert in Norway has a very powerful introduction; the video isn’t as good, though in a way, it’s abstraction is quite arty.



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2 responses to “Rich Man’s War

  1. cornerhousecomments

    John, I loved his album, “The Revolution Starts Now” but had not seen these video’s. Thanks!

    Peace & solidarity,


  2. Thanks, Corner.
    Thanks, too, for the nudge to read Vox Vorax.

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