Why not go shopping

There are sooo many jokes about shopping, that I shan’t make another here. However, I do want to pass on a contrarian view from the right Reverand Billy about the death of Rev. Jerry Falwell:

The real danger from Jerry’s death is that observers won’t notice that Ronald Reagan never died. Reverend Ronny was the first President who was an out-of-the-closet Ad Man, a shill for the biggest weapons-maker in the world, General Electric. Reverend Ron introduced the 82nd Airborne Division to Adobe Illustrator.

That said, now let’s turn to the first amendment to the US Constitution:

What is this all about, one might wonder? What does Rev. Fallwell’s demise have to do with the First Amendment? Check George Hunka’s review of a marvelous group of activists. What does this have to do with Starbucks agreeing to a licensing deal that will give Ethiopian coffee farmers a little fairer shake? Well, check Democracy Now’s transcript of a discussion led by Amy Goodman for the New York Times. You’ll be about to find lots more like this from Reverand Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.


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