Spammers break through Akismet?

From my subjective experience, it looks as though someone has deduced how to sneak past Akismet’s fences. I’ve seen a (subjectively measured) increase in the number of comments I’ve had to discard recently; this doesn’t include the items that Askismet captures (~30,000 for one of my blogs— thanks, folx). What seems to be happening is that more spam entries are not being caught.

I don’t doubt that folks will get through Mr. Bush’s international fences; we US folx should simply give up on our politicians’ efforts to block things (that they shouldn’t probably block in the first place). But, I’m trusting WP to handle this (if it is real). Akismet is good.



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2 responses to “Spammers break through Akismet?

  1. I had to delete several spam today, unusual for my blog. They should have been caught with the number of URL’s they had, don’t know what happened.

  2. The burst of spam occurred on the blogs I run on my own server. Akismet here on still has the same (nice) low number (25) that it’s had for months. I guess the spammens don’t even bother with sending their drivel to *

    By contrast, on Teach Effectively:

    Akismet has protected your site from 44,789 spam comments.

    Today, though Akismet has captured dozens of comments, there were none that made it through. This makes me think that the burst yesterday was the result of some spammers sending spam from some compromised computers that they hadn’t previously used. I did my part by tagging them.

    I wonder what someone can do once his or her machine, which had been taken over by a spammer, after she or he later cleans the machine so that it is no longer generating spam. How does one remove an IP address from a black list? I don’t see anything in the Akismet FAQ. I’ll have to study more….

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