Walking on water and fire

Michael Shermer has posted a video on YouTube about walking on fire. In it he makes his usual pitch about how something that’s ‘sposed to be infused with mysticism is actually readily understood via physics. It reminded me of a video I’ve enjoyed which shows people walking on water. Here they are. Check the similarity in the groups’ behavior.

The Web has lots of illustrations about how to make the cornstarch-water mixture on which folks can walk. I wouldn’t put it in my swimming pool, though (even if I had one).

There’s also lots about walking on fire. Plenty of people have bought the bunk that Mr. Shermer describes. Check Robert Todd Carroll’s Skeptic Dictionary entry, Corey Binns’ entry on LiveScience, HowStuffWorks, and (natch) Wikipedia.

Oh yeah…also see Mr. Shermer’s site, Skeptic.com.


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