Ninja reruns and Emo

Ask a Ninja made US National Public Radio’s Morning Edition this morning. I’m glad to learn that someone else considers these guys a hoot. Some of their stuff is funnier than other stuff, but lots of it makes me laugh.

If you’ve missed it, you haven’t been spending enough time online. Ask a Ninja videos are viewed half a million times within two weeks of their release. The creators, Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols, won a Webby special achievement award last week. Ask a Ninja was voted the best series of 2006 at the YouTube video awards.

But it’s just two guys with a video camera in an apartment, and it looks it. The production values are low and the costumes are cheap. But the material — rapid-fire monologues delivered by a ninja-mask-wearing character — is often side-splittingly funny.

DigitalFilmMaker appears to be a front for Mr. Nichols and Mr. Sarine. It turns up both on all the YouTube video as well as Hope is Emo, a site with a somewhat similar (damaged) sense of humor (check chapter nine about the wedding ceremony).

There is a large lot of videos of the Webby acceptance speech by the guys. They’re worth watching all on their own. But, the quick-cut videos of answers to questions are the real deal. They are available via the Web site for Ask a Ninja.

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