Off TV

offtv.jpgWhile I was visiting a school in Changwon (KR) in June, I spotted this sticker pasted on the door of a cabinet in a library. It seems consistent with my recurring (see here, here, and here) comments about television. I guess it’s a bit like a teetotaler condemning drink, but TV seems to me to be a purveyor of misinformation. Books may have similar misinformation, but at least they appear less real.

Google shows ~40 posts that contain the slogan, but they are only in Hangul (and I struggle with the Google translation of the content) so I don’t know exactly what they say. Apparently, though, there is an educational agency behind the movement.

I wonder if the stickers are available commercially.

This also reminds me that I should post notes about books I’ve read recently.

If someone could translate the Hangul on the sticker (or the gist of the posts) in a comment, that would be nifty.


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  1. Oz

    Very nice John. How’s it going in South Korea?

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