Douro Pousada View East

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a piece by Sarah Wildman about staying in pousadas (lovely lodgings, usually renovated facilities) when traveling to Portugal. Ms. Wildman’s article crossed paths with our travels in Portugal last year. We both stayed at Pousada Solar da Rede. This image is one of several that Pat and I took during our cruise up the Douro River and stay at the pousada in 2006.

Ms. Wildman’s treatment is far better than mine. Here’s a snippet from her article:

And then, suddenly, the pousada appeared — a mansion, Baroque and huge — after switchbacks and turns, looming high above the green Douro (finally!) about two hours upriver from Porto. It was an impressive sight: winged granite dragons guarding the path to the front door and a terraced, formal labyrinthine garden jutting out over a vineyard; bushes carved in circles and squares, flowers blooming everywhere; and the lovely Douro meandering like a Hudson River School painting, hazy in the near distance.

Link to Ms. Wildman’s Times article (or to her narrated series of images about pousadas), to my entry about our stay at Pousada Solar da Rede, or to our complete blog on the trip. (I’ve got to go back through the files and correct my misspelling of “pousada.”)


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