Blogger gagged by passive voice

I found a delightful piece of tongue-in-cheek writing about using passive voice construction in writing. Charlene Sorenson and Tonya Johnson of Gallaudet University a brief Web page that gives examples of how to turn active voice into passive voice. For those who need a guide, here is a table from the professors’ page.

Rule Summary Chart for Changing Sentences from Active to Passive


Rule Example
1. Start with active-voice sentence. Prof. Sorensen ate the apple.
2. Remove the subject from the sentence. __________ ate the apple.
3. Move the object to the subject
The apple ate.
4. Add "to be" before
the verb in the same tense as the original verb.
The apple was ate.
5. Change the original verb to its
past partiviple* form.
The apple was eaten.
6. Optional: Add "by"
and the original subject after the verb.
The apple was eaten by Prof. Sorensen.

Link to their Web page. Flash of the electrons to Marc Abrahams and the folks at Improbable Research for alerting me to this.


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