Rev Billy caught by press

Testify! Link to Rev Billy Web site.
Photo by Fred Askew

Under the headline “Preaching the anti-shopping gospel,” Erika Hayasaki of the Los Angeles Times covered the very and right Rev. Billy’s efforts to deter rampant consumerism. It’s wonderful to see the coverage. To be sure, the stop shopping campaign has been covered in a lot of news sources (e.g., even on CNN; see “press” at the Web site), but to see coverage in the LA Times represents progress.

A Google or Yahoo search using only the words “stop” and “shopping” returns Rev. Billy Web site as the number one link. However, adding other words results in the Rev Billy Web site sliding down the relevance list. This probably can be changed if folks chose words carefully in creating links. For example, I’m inserting a link here from the words “one stop shopping“; if enough others people with Web sites throw similar links, the stop shopping network will move up the hierarchy when people search for shopping site offering “one stop” shopping.

The message is spreading! Contribute.

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