What is not Mac

Why is this so windoze-like?


If your PowerBook has a DVD-capable optical drive, you can use your PowerBook as a DVD player to watch movies on an external monitor or television.

Basic Steps

Shut down the PowerBook and turn off the external monitor or TV.

Connect a video cable from the video output port on your PowerBook to the video input port on the monitor or TV. You’ll have to find the right combination of ports on the computer and monitor or TV. For example, if your computer has an S-video output port and your TV has an S-video input, you could use that connection for the picture, then connect an audio cable from the sound output port on your computer to the sound input port on the TV.

Turn on the monitor or TV, then start up your PowerBook. You’ll probably also have to switch to the video input on your TV once it’s on.

Just about everything else I do does not require a reboot.

And another thing…what’s with this audio output? Why can’t my Mac routinely send sound to other devices. It’s great with my iPod, some connections to house sound, and such. But it fails more often than I’d like.


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