Richmond Sunlight

Waldo Jaquith developed Richmond Sunlight, a Web resource that covers the legislative branch of Virginia’s government, the General Assembly. Richmond Sunlight joins the Virginia Coalition for Open Government and Virginia Public Access Project in providing ways for the public to keep abrest of government activities.

Here’s Mr. Jaquith’s description of Richmond Sunlight:

Richmond Sunlight is a website that aggregates information about the General Assembly, the lawmaking body that governs the state of Virginia. It is an independent, volunteer-run website that is in no way affiliated with the Virginia General Assembly or the state government.

Beyond liking the name for the site (which is based on quotation from Other People’s Money, and How the Bankers Use It by Louis Brandeis), I very much like the idea of presenting a readily accessible source for information about the activities of those whom the people elect to government. I hope that other states and localities (and countries) have similar resources. It would be nifty to assemble a page that lists such resources.

Does such a meta-list of public access resources exist? Are there sites that provide similar services regarding other governmental entities?


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