Local economy

In the C’ville area there is sub-culture of community-supported agriculture that’s taken hold. It’s nicely represented by Charlottesville Area Buy Fresh Buy Local and is akin to the Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture and Food Routes.

The Charlottesville Area Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign is connecting consumers in the Charlottesville area with fresh, locally grown and produced foods. This online food guide and corresponding print guide (available at convenient locations throughout throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle, Greene, Nelson, Fluvanna and Louisa Counties) make it easy for you to buy local foods from farmers you trust and whose growing methods you support.

Close to my home there are folks who park trucks with fresh food next to country stores and a couple of subscription farms (one of which donated to the charity event I direct [thanks to The Farm at Red Hill]).

Although they have specific benefits for consumers (e.g., better tasting food), there are other benefits, too (e.g., fewer resources used in getting the food to market). Furthermore, I hope that involvement in buying local produce promotes consideration of efforts in the wider geographic frame; in addtion to Food Routes, there are imortant projects such as World Hunger Year, Oxfam, and Action Against Hunger.


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