Chigger remedies

While tromping around in some fields and woods without proper clothing (O.K., I was clothed; I had on loafers, socks, slacks, etc.), I picked up a few insects. My family has routinely joked about returning from the area that I visited bearing “chicks and tiggers,” and I did. I removed two ticks, but I missed at least one chigger.

False remedies for chiggers abound. I spent a little time searching for evidence-based remedies, and I think examining them may provide a good analogy for examining approaches to remedying Learning Disabilities. I might pursue this line of reasoning some time….

Anyway, if you’re looking for information about treating chiggers, a Wikipedia entry includes a section on the topic in its coverage of harvest mites; it’s more prevention than treatment, but it may prove useful. More generally, I came upon a site describing first aid myths.

Update: There are other sites with additional information listed here.



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4 responses to “Chigger remedies

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  2. Ron Weber

    No long story. After going into the woods I splash warm water on my legs and then rub a handful of Epson Salts on all exposed areas. I let it dry for a couple minutes and then shower. It works. If showers are not available I just let the salts dry and brush them off.

    If I fail to do this little procedure and get chigger “bites” (I know…by the time they itch, it’s too late and the chigger is gone), I do the same procedure. I guess the salt drying sucks out or absorbs the chemicals left behind by the chiggers and the itch is relieved quickly. Skin is a little dry, but the itch is relieved.

  3. I would like to know if you get them and if they can live inyour bed and rebite you? Or do they hand onto your skin and move around. I have been waking up with a few new bites every other day or so and it is annoying! I am in the process of cleaning my bed head to toe but do they hide out in the bedding or on your skin and how to get rid of them?

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