Tony Gwynn

Anthony Keith Gwynn will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. To be elected to the Hall of Fame, Mr. Gwynn had have outstanding credentials as a baseball player. He does.

Not to slight Cal Ripken, a tremendous player and great ambassador for baseball who also will be inducted today, but Mr. Gwynn cut an unusual swath among professional athletes. Amid all the contemporary problems in sports, Mr. Gwynn represents the good side of things. Bill Platschke, who writes for the Los Angeles Times but once covered Mr. Gwynn’s games in San Diego, provided an appreciative column that captures important features of those aspects of Mr. Gwynn’s personal relationships with people. I hope the Baseball Hall of Fame recognition of Mr. Gwynn captures more than his baseball accomplishments.



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2 responses to “Tony Gwynn

  1. LOVE seeing kudos sent Tony’s way. Having grown up mostly in San Diego county, Tony and the Padres (and of course the Chargers ;)) are a big part of my sports memory bank. Lots of memories of a man who meant so much (and did so much) for the local community, and who continues to do so. Congrats to him on all his accomplishments. :)

  2. Ahhh, nice. Not having had the privilege of living near where he played, I only have news sources from which to draw impressions. What you say about Mr. Gwynn’s community persona confirms what I’ve heard from lots of sources.

    I’m glad to learn that the largest crowd in history of enshrinement ceremonies joined Mr. Gwynn and Mr. Ripken for the weekend events.

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