Webb at IAAF World Championships

Will Alan Webb’s recent successes in middle-distance running continue and even, perhaps, re-ignite interest in what was once a closely followed sport? Even though he’s raced against some top competition this season, how will he fare in a field full of the best runners? In “Webb’s run at greatness could bring U.S. breakthrough,” Philip Hersh reports about Mr. Webb’s racing in advance of the pending World Championships in track and field. Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Hersh doesn’t answer these questions, but he does provide good background and lots of the usual recitation about Mr. Webb’s achievements. We’ll know how things turn out in a little more than a week, as the Worlds starts tomorrow. (That’s IAAF, not IAFF!)

Catch Mr. Hersh’s article here. I hope to follow the developments in the 1500 and many other events (the men’s marathon is the first final of the meet; the women’s 10K is also on the first day) at the IAFF Web site for the Worlds. (Sadly, the Web site seems to behave a bit badly for me right now. I’ve checked it using Safari and Firefox on my aging Mac at home, but I’m seeing overlapping elements [Safari] and poor positioning within the broswer window [FF]. Are either of you readers seeing problems? I’ll check under a different OS once I get to the office.)



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2 responses to “Webb at IAAF World Championships

  1. pjm

    John, I’m seeing similar positioning problems with Mac FF. Haven’t tried Safari. I’ve been working pretty closely with the back-end for that site and I’ve had to fire up Parallels Desktop and use IE/Win to do it!

  2. Parker, couldn’t this be solved by simply using a sniffer to identify the browser and conditionally select style sheets? (I still don’t own Parallels–teehee.)

    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the Rodale blog on Osaka. Thanks!

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