Worlds 2: 1500 semis

The semi-finals in the 1500 at the IAAF world games were supposed to be finished > 10 min. ago, but so far only the results from the first heat (Group A) are available. What’s up with that? The results from the first heat were posted quite quickly, before the second heat was even scheduled to begin.

Now the second one’s up….

First heat:
1 Bernard Lagat USA 3:42.39
2 Tarek Boukensa ALG 3:42.88
3 Asbel Kiprop KEN 3:42.99
Mehdi Baala FRA 3:43.01
4 Andrew Baddeley GBR 3:43.03
5 Nicholas Willis NZL 3:43.34
Second heat:
1 Rashid Ramzi BRN 3:40.53
2 Juan Luis Barrios MEX 3:40.79
3 Arturo Casado ESP 3:40.83
4 Belal Mansoor Ali BRN 3:41.01
5 Alan Webb USA 3:41.08
Time qualifiers:
6 Sergio Gallardo ESP 3:41.14
7 Shedrack Kibet Korir KEN 3:41.15

From the splits leaders, it appears that the second heat (led by Arturo Casado) went out substantially faster than the first heat (~5 sec for the first 400 and ~6 sec for the 800). It’ll be interesting to see the video.

The finals should be quite a race. There are three guys (Mr. Baala, Mr. Lagat, and Mr. Ramzi) with sub 3:30’s in their histories. Of course, Mr. Webb has the best time of the year (~3:30:5) with Mr. Boukensa right behind him (~3:30.9). And then there’s Mr. Kiprop, who’s young and fast.

It’s amazing that Mr. Lagat can still carry the pace, even though he’s about to turn 33.

On to the men’s 10K.

UPDATE: Check Parker’s blog for news about the “chaos behind” Mr. Lagat in the first heat. My results above may require modification.

UPDATE 2: Mr. Baala was DQd and Nicholas Willis has been added to the runners for the final. Parker’s note, “The end of the 1,500m protests (Baala’s busted),” is informative.


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