Worlds 4: One not two

Just 1/100th of a second separated the first and third places in the women’s world 100-meter final. The event finish must have been really something. Philip Hersh led with this: “Five minutes after a race that lasted 11 seconds, no one knew who had won.” I can hardly imagine running full bore for 100 m (it’d take me 20 sec, surely), but I can even less imagine losing such a race by the depth of a jersey or a forearem. Dang! Some race!

Here is the top five (I think it is settled now) and a link to the official (I think) results, when they ran into a tiny wind:

1 Veronica Campbell JAM 11.01
2 Lauryn Williams USA 11.01
3 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.02
4 Torri Edwards USA 11.05
5 Kim Gevaert BEL 11.05

Mr Hersh’s report

My calculations amd assumptions could be off, but just for a bit of understanding:

People speak at about four syllables per second. In the time that it takes to read this paragraph aloud, people who can run one hundred meters in 11 seconds have finished.


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