XC results

I’d hoped to attend today’s ACC cross country championships at Panorama Farms near C’ville, but I didn’t make it. Now, duh, I’m interested in the results, but I’m not a good-enough fan to have a bookmark that takes me to up-to-date x-c results. What are the best ones? What do you use, oh faithful readers?

Thanks to Coach Parker at Flashes of Panic, I’ve checked sites such as Elite Running and the IAAFsite. Also, I’ve checked sites such as Flash Results, Foot Locker, and Down the Back Stretch that are good generally or for other localities. Meanwhile, On Line Race Results looks promising.

To be sure, having the data available is important. I hope that the ACC posts results soon. If you have a location that posts results quickly, please help this wannabe.

Meanwhile, special thanks to Steve Murray and his family for all they do for local running at Panorama.



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2 responses to “XC results

  1. pjm

    Alison, who runs eliterunning.com, was at the NESCAC meet all day today with me, and may not have had time to hunt up the results yet. Usually the best way to find conference-meet results is to check the team website for the host school.

  2. Thanks for the note, Parker. I hope the NESCAC was good.

    I surely hit the U.Va. site too soon after the event, hoping that XC would get the coverage that revenue sports get. Not.

    Anyway, for those who are interested in the specifics, see any of the following: U.Va. , the ACC, Track & Field News results list, and the commercial CollegeSports.

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