HB Nature

This is the day of the year when Nature, one of the foremost sources of current scientific and medical research and commentary, was first published in 1869. Perhaps because of its 138-year history, the scientific journal is now surely a force of nature.

Although I do not subscribe to the journal, I scan the tables of contents routinely and read articles from it every now and again. Indeed, Nature has now spawned many progeny (e.g., Nature Neuorscience) and I find some of them particularly interesting.

For those who are apprehensive about reading scientific content, rest assured. Like its chief competitor, Science, Nature has lots of content that is readily accessible. The superb editing of the articles makes it possible for lay people to learn a great deal about the world. Sure, there is a heavy load of vocabulary when one reads some of the original research, but the news and features articles are true to the research but still understandable.

Link to the journal’s homepage. Also, see Nature.com, a site that provides the umbrella under which Nature and the many related sources are sheltered. The Wikipedia article about Nature provides a history.


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