HB, Dan

dph-06.jpgToday’s the 64th 63rd birthday of my friend and colleague Dan Hallahan. I’ve had the good fortune of working with Dan since 1978 and am glad to have this opportunity to acknowledge his wonderful influence on my life and career.

In addition to our professional connection, Dan and I share other interests. He broke me into running, we see movies together and share meals, we marvel about goofy politics, we go birding, and he keeps me abreast of the latest in the Ruff House.

One can get an idea about Dan’s professional life by examining his (minimalist?) Web page (there’s a link to his vita there).


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2 responses to “HB, Dan

  1. Dan Hallahan


    A belated thanks for the b-day greeting. Btw, it’s 63 not 64. Now why do I think you purposely made this “error” just to get me to post my very first response to a blog?


  2. Sorry, ‘bro. I didn’t mean to be hustling you out the door before your time. And, actually, I have evidence that you posted to a blog another time…. True, ’twas only a few weeks before you posted this one.

    In more direct answer to your question about why you think I bated you: You are the psychologist, so you know what’s true. Teehee.

    So, when I turn 63, oh psychologist, will my memory of posting begin to slip?

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