Time tech innovations

Day before yesterday, while waiting to have a root canal (no joke), I picked up a paper copy of Time magazine. It was an issue devoted to recent inventions and it featured, of course, Apple’s iPhone. That was cool, but what I thought was even cooler was that the XO Laptop made the list, too.

I mean…I’m interested in having an iPhone, but there’s not good ATT reception in my nieghborhood. And, I already have a lot of technology. But there are kids who don’t have access to computers, even though they are growing up in a world that is markedly affected by them. So, I think that the iPhone (as innovative and intriguing as it is) is a story of lesser importance than the stories about the XO Laptop. The efforts of the One Laptop per Child group are very laudable. I’ll lead another cheer for them.

Link to the iPhone story and to the XO story about production beginning and the promotion of them by John Negroponte. (Time doesn’t seem to keep stories on its Web site for very long; these links may go dead soon…sigh.)

To see my earlier posts about the XO Laptop (in chronological order), look here (starter), here (design), here (future), here (equity), here (cheerleading), and here (Mr. Pogue).

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