Upgrading the basement Mac


We put a new iMac into the basement, replacing the old iMac. The larger display is shockingly big. So, Pat referred to it as a behemoth and, together with its location, it has been christened “BasementBehemoth.”

In the image, you can see the old machine in firewire-terminal mode. I was transferring files from it to the new machine. Although I’ve done this several times, I had a to spend a while getting my own account back in order. The files from my account on the old machine were under the same userid that I wanted to have on the new machine. Alas and alack, I’d created the account on the new machine, so I couldn’t port the old account with the same name to the new machine. Now, after a monumental struggle with Mail, I’m functioning.

Next task: Create a raid array from some firewire drives and turn that into a back-up system.



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