Books Behind Bars

We’re sponsoring programming on WMRA today, in honor of Kay Allison’s project, Books Behind Bars. Kay and other volunteers provide free books to prisoners.

Today’s programming on WMRA is supported by Pat and John Lloyd to honor the Quest Institute and their project “Books Behind Bars,” providing donated books to prisoners for over 20 years. Also, in appreciation to the volunteers who are making a difference, one book at a time.

Kay published notes about the project in the newsletter she publishes for her bookshop, Quest. She’s willing to accept donations for the project. Call Kay at 295-3377 or deliver books to the bookshop on W. Main St. in Charlottesville.

Prison Pen Pals conducts an on-going book drive, seeking books for prisoners. There’s a list of prisons that, according to Prison Pen Pals, need books.

The National Institute of Corrections has a press release from Rutgers University’s (Newark, NJ, US) Center For Mental Health Services And Criminal Justice Research about a program called “Books Behind Bars.” The project solicits donations to provide self-help books, especially Life on the Outside by Jennifer Gonnerman, to prison libraries. I couldn’t find additional information about the project on the Web site, however.

For a peek at the world of a librarian in a juvenile facility, see the column entitled “Books Behind Bars: What do kids do in jail? Many discover reading” by Jane Guttman on the National Education Association Web site.

Also, consider this scholarly treatment of the topic:
Fyfe, J. (1992). Books behind Bars: The Role of Books, Reading, and Libraries in British Prison Reform, 1701-1911. Westport, CT. Greenwood.


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