Ride those rails

Many parts of the drive from our neighborhood to Washington (DC, US) is pretty and not too long, so it nice to be able to visit that city. However, the 220 kilometers distance is a tad more than I’d like to drive frequently, to say nothing of nagging concerns about the environmental effects of making the trip by automobile. So, I’m very pleased to learn about efforts to promote greater rail travel to and from Washington.

In “Long, slow journey to better rail,” Bob Gibson—he covers politics for the the Charlottesville Daily Progress—reported on a efforts to increase support for passenger rail service along the US 29 corridor.

But now officials from Danville and Altavista, Lynchburg and Fauquier County are joining enthusiastic advocates of passenger rail from Charlottesville and Albemarle in talks about how to raise awareness of the benefits of reliable and enhanced passenger service throughout the corridor.

Officials agreed that one sure way to reduce Virginia’s contributions to air pollution, global warming and traffic congestion is to give people realistic opportunities to catch trains instead of driving cars from city to city. With gas shooting north of $3 a gallon again and cheap urban parking a remnant of the past, passenger trains are an even more attractive alternative.

Mr. Gibson’s column and earlier reports led me to examine the topic a little further. I followed a link in his coverage to learn about CvilleRail and the Piedmont Rail Coalition. I hope increased coverage will provide the groundswell of interest that can translate into political will.

Read Mr. Gibson’s column on the topic. In addition to the Web site, CvilleRail hosts a blog (using WordPress, ‘natch!). The blog was a bit light on entries when I checked in on the date of this post, but mayhaps it’ll grow. There are additional examples of specific-to-CvilleRail, US, and more general news coverage on the site. There are many more new items about the Piedmont Rail Coalition (Google search; 374 items on this date), too.


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  1. The Cvillerail.org website has been resuscitated and is open for commentary. The organization welcomes a lively debate on the virtues of rail travel as opposed to whims of the conventional car-loving public.

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